My first blog

Blog, blog, blog… Exactly what is that? I’m being encouraged by my amazing family to start blogging. I will give it a whirl. Since this is my first blog and I don’t know what I’m doing, I will instead turn to what I know… plants! I will be sharing gardening tips, as well as specials we are offering and new ideas for planting in these posts for you. First up, I want you to know about some flowers that require no maintenance. You can try sanvital, or million bells (aka: Callie) for blooms all summer. They also don’t need any deadheading and are very disease resistant. We offer over 20 colors of Callie, 9 types of Salvia, and 20 different colors of trailing petunias.

If you’d like to see more about our nursery, take a look at our commercial on our YouTube channel! Please subscribe to see more gardening tips and videos coming soon!

Thank you!


What’s happening this week June 14-21

Annuals_Gomphremax200Our featured plant of the week is Gomphrena.

This annual attracts butterflies and gives great contrast to pots and landscapes.  Heat and drought tolerant. Colors we offer are shades of red and violet.

This is just one of many specialty plants we offer. Come in and check our fantastic selection!